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Meat Shaving Machine — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Meat Shaving Machine


Introduction to Meat Shaving Machine:


Meat Shaving Machine is also called frozen meat slicer. The meat planer uses a strong rotation of the cutter to cut the frozen meat into pieces of different thickness. The frozen meat is cut into pieces without thawing, which can save the frozen meat thawing process and improve. Work efficiency. It is used together with the frozen meat meat grinder to increase the efficiency of the meat mincer before processing and extend the service life of the Meat Shaving Machine. It is an indispensable equipment in the processing of meat products. The design of the machine is reasonable, the center of gravity of the fuselage is balanced, the traditional design is widened, the large torque of the fuselage is not shaken, the reasonable planing plate design reinforcement strip and the special processing blade are not fatigued and cracked for a long time, and the 4KW high-power motor cooperates. Hardened surface reducer for heavy mining machinery is super durable



Meat Shaving Machine Maintenance:


1, blade rust


a. Dry the blade with a dry cloth after use.


b. Use a dry cloth to absorb the cooking oil (peanut oil, vegetable oil) and rub it on the blade edge to keep the cutting edge from rusting.


2. Fill the load plate with lubricating oil.

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