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Hamburger patties making machine

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Introduction to patties making machine:


The hamburger patties forming machine can automatically complete the filling, forming and outputting of the meat mash, and can produce different shapes (circular, elliptical, triangular, heart-shaped and other special shapes) by replacing different molds. It can be combined with frying machine, quick-freezing machine and packaging machine to produce a full-automatic production line with high output and stable quality. The hamburger patties forming machine is suitable for the molding of various meat patties, and it can produce various specifications by changing the size and thickness of the forming mouth.



Patties making machinefeatures introduction:


The feed is ground meat and the hamburger patties and meatballs are automatically produced according to the set weight. Fast, low noise, safe, reliable, compact and easy to maintain. It is also possible to use a mixture of different ingredients, breadcrumbs, eggs, vegetables, cheese, beans, seasonings of beef and chicken, and fish.


The use ofpatties making machine:


Suitable for making hamburger, chicken pie, fish cake, vegetarian cake, potato cake, pumpkin cake and other foods. Can meet the different needs of our customers, can produce popular hamburger meat on the market, Mai Le chicken, fish burger patties, potato cakes, pumpkin cake and other products, is ideal for fast food restaurants, distribution centers, food processing plants The equipment is suitable for use in meat processing factories, catering industry, food distribution centers, etc. It is an essential equipment for food processing plants.

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