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Why is your wallpaper peeling off? What to do to prevent it?

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If you have a boy with his own room, you may know how important it is for him to keep the room the way he wants. With all his toys and gadgets, parents often also preferwallpaper for boys room, to keep their environment as per their desire. But, what if a wallpaper starts peeling off? To know how to prevent it, we first have to know why it may have started peeling off.

The Causes
  • There was dust on the wall before the wallpaper was applied. This means it is stuck to dust and not the wall.
  • In case the wall texture is too rough, the wallpaper fails to stick on most of the surface area of the wall and hence starts falling.
  • You applied the wallpaper on a painted wall, that has not been given adequate time to properly dry.

In all the above cases, it is important for the patient to know that these mistakes are your responsibilities as you have to be careful while applying your favorite wallpapers. You cab get a mutually beneficial solution by contacting Lily and the Wall with your request.

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