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October 2, 2012 at 1:13 PMComments: 2 Faves: 1

What Makes You Creative?

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

Imagination is no lost art as some people may infer. The forms of imagination perceived as "purest" are found in mediums such as writing, music, or other arts. We all have the ability to create in our minds, at least to some extent, a picture or story that doesn't exist anywhere else - the ability to be original. The beauty of it all is that a story someone tells, the composition someone records, or the canvas somebody fills can be rehashed through different eyes as something completely different. 

My line of work requires that I exercise the art of creating scenes in my head out of nothing, or taking inspiration from something else. Usually I'm good at it! Sometimes, I just need to sleep out of frustration. Everyone seems to have a different level of creative ability, or is it that everyone has a different version of creative? If someone can create a correct answer to a complex calculus problem, would that make them creative? Advanced math seems like creating something out of nothing, but to some super-hardcore mathematician, making an artistic film may seem like a piece of sheer brilliance, but only because they have no understanding of how it came about or why. To the artist that created the film, it's merely a different version of another piece of his life or an amalgam of multiple abstract and concrete elements that form his perception of the world. Making art to an artist is the next logical step as finding the solution to an engineering obstacle is to an engineer. 

The use of your "imagination" seems to be tied to artistic creation according to the social thought that dictates society. Is imagination limited to what is considered to be "art?" Or can the creative process be predicted and measured using calculation? If that were true, wouldn't mathematics be the purest and most basic level of creative art?

Does art=math?

These are my musings for today :D

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  • "an amalgam of multiple abstract and concrete elements that form his perception of the world" is kind of an awesome mouthful of words.

    I do agree that we all perceive the world differently. Truly, I do not understand what most consider creativity, which may explain my lack of enthusiasm for what most consider art.

  • I feel creativity is any path that differs from the obvious. I mean every time you make someone think of something in a new way it because of creativity. I feel that that being creative is limitless. With that being said I believe that you can do anything in this world in a creative manner. Doing a math problem on your balancing on your head cause its the most "grounded" portion of you is creative in my world.

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