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Uses of cardboard boxes in gift wrapping

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When it comes to choosing a box material, a lot of people have cardboard boxes as their first choice. The reason may be that everyone is familiar with the cardboard boxes. Because of everyones familiarity with the cardboard boxes and also due to a largescale use of cardboard boxes for almost all kinds of products, the cardboard boxes are the ones most used for gift wrapping. Gift giving and gift wrapping is a widespread custom around the world. Gifts are exchanged on a lot of occasions, including birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, anniversaries, and many other events. An award is given to show care and affection towards a person and to make that relationship stronger. So, choosing a box that is familiar and trusted and used for a long time should be the first choice. That box is a cardboard box.

Types of cardboards:

Cardboards are of a wide variety, and there are a lot of different kinds of cardboards that include paperboard, folding boxboard, containerboard, solid bleached board, and solid unbleached board.


Paperboard is a thin type of cardboard that is used for flexible box packaging of products. This type of cardboard is not much durable. Paperboard is paper-based cardboard that can be used for a lot of general purposes. This kind of box is suitable for packing presents that are not too heavy and fragile.


The second type of cardboard here is the containerboard. It is a wood pulp-based variety of cardboard. The brown appearance is because of the wood pulp that goes into the making of containerboard. The containerboard is used for making corrugated cardboard boxes. It is used in making the line boards and the fluted part in the middle. Such cardboard boxes are perfect for shipping and also for use as storage cardboard boxes. These cardboard boxes are known for their durability and shockproof nature. So, if you want to ship some presents to your acquaintances, this cardboard box is suitable for that.

Folding boxboard:

Folding boxboard is another variety of cardboard that is made by sandwiching a layer of mechanical pulp between two layers of chemical pulp. The top layer is bleached, so it is fit for the printing of the graphical images and logos too. This kind of cardboard boxes is water-resistant to some extent, which makes this kind of cardboard boxes fit for wrapping a present that may go through rough conditions before reaching to the person who will receive the present.

Solid bleached board:

It is a chemical pulp-based cardboard type with a white appearance and no smell of its own. This type of cardboard boxes is very much suited for aroma sensitive products like cigars, confectionaries and, other such products. So, if you are looking for a cardboard storage box to gift someone chocolates, then this type is a suitable one.

Solid unbleached board:

This type of cardboard boxes are made from chemical pulp too. They are usually used for frozen items and cereal box type boxes. These boxes are price friendly, which makes them perfect for start-up level sales of your product. These cardboard boxes are ideal for sale in many cases.

Applications of cardboard boxes in shipping:

Cardboard provides durability and flexibility at the same time. On top of that, it is also price-friendly, which makes it a complete package when it comes to shipping. Cardboard boxes are known for their endurance in rough conditions, making them a durable and long-lasting packing solution.

The corrugated varieties of cardboard boxes are suitable for the shipping of heavy machinery to long distances. So, if you want to send a present to someone who lives far away, then you can ship your gift through cardboard boxes.

Customization friendly:

Another good thing about cardboard boxes is that they are customization friendly. They can be made into different shapes and sizes that suit your requirements. Not just shapes and sizes, but cardboard boxes also provide you with a lot of printing options as you can go with different color schemes and themes for your cardboard boxes. Not just that, you can also choose the finish of your cardboard boxes. With cardboard boxes, you are open to a lot of options. That is why they are a retailers first choice in many cases.

Cardboard box - A complete solution:

With the number of options you get with cardboard boxes from material to finish, it is safe to say that cardboard boxes are the best packaging solution to exist whether you need them for your retail packaging, storage keeping, or to pack your present inside, they are a complete deal.

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