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Top U.S. Universities for Chinese Students

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US universities have reported having the majority of their international students from China with a lot more seeking admission. But a study in the USA can be a tough task for international students especially in the first months if you are struggling with the home assignments you better ask help from reliable writing service for Chinese students.

The methodology of creating the list

It is likely that as you search for a university to enroll in, you will consider one that is likely to have other Chinese students. This list is based on that fact and the percentages of the Chinese students in these institutions as well as other quality metrics unique to international students to aid in your decision-making process. You may also need to check verified sources to establish how many Chinese students are in the US currently and which institutions they are studying in.

Columbia University New York City, NY

This is one of the largest universities in the US most renowned for its intensive research projects. It is more inclined towards graduate studies and has at least two times the number of graduate students as undergraduates. As of 2017, it had the highest percentage of Chinese students with up to fifteen percent of its foreign students being Chinese. It continues to be high ranking and is a good choice to study there.

Princeton University Princeton, NJ

Princeton University, usually abbreviated PU, embodies an invincible feel of an Ivy-League institution. The universitys academic excellence cuts across the subjects most notably in its arts and humanities, social science, and natural science programs. PUs pillars are collaborative research, a community of scholarship, and the utmost commitment to service. It is among the US universities with most Chinese students with eleven percent of the foreign students population being Chinese.

Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD

While this university is based in Baltimore, its presence is wide-reaching in the globe because of its campuses in three continents. It is renowned for research and over the last thirty-eight years, the university has channeled much more funds into research compared to any other university in the US. The data percentage of Chinese students in the institution is not available but it is high ranking because it has involvement in Chinese Students and Scholars Association, which has been recognized by the Chinese Embassy in the US for being among the top chapters in the country.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA

MIT produces some of the worlds most innovative and creative engineering minds. Its motto signifies the blending of academic knowledge with practical skills. Despite the institution priding itself in being Heartily American, because it was founded to hasten the industrial revolution in America, it gladly accepts talented learners from around the globe. Thirty percent of MIT students come from across the borders of the United States with eight percent of this number being Chinese.

Purdue University West Lafayette, IN

This is one of the"best colleges to get value for your money"in the United States. Purdue has always fulfilled its promise of offering an excellent education at the highest possible value. This university attracts numerous students from both the states and internationally due to its public research programs. It is best known for its engineering courses but also has outstanding research facilities for the arts and exceptional post-graduate programs in education and business. The Chinese students account for about nine percent of its international students population.

The total count of Chinese students in the United States accounts for up to thirty-one percent of the whole international students body. Rankings like these are quite helpful as you make a decision based on your academic needs and qualifications as well as the distribution of the foreign students, specifically the Chinese students.


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