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October 12, 2012 at 10:26 AMComments: 2 Faves: 0

Ready. Set. Amazing!

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

Poof! Stuff!

Turning an idea into something we can actually touch, see, or hear can prove to be a difficult process. Depending what that idea is determines what obstacles you need to overcome and respond to. If we broke the creative process down into the two basic steps (a gross under evaluation of the number of actual steps) conceptualization and actualization, which do you think is the beast harder to tame? 

Pre-production: working with the intangibles

One of the main challenges of the creative process is also the first step: getting an idea. The reason that this is so difficult is because you need to consciously make something from nothing, build upon an idea, or look into core of your being to manufacture an "original" thought that you, subconsciously,  picked up from somewhere. It's incredibly difficult to work with ideas because you can't see or touch them, you can only try your best to interpret the "image" you have in your mind and put it on paper. 

Personally, I find this process hard until I get a well founded idea that I'm passionate about. Until that point, however, it can be VERY frustrating. A creative piece, whatever it may be, will never achieve its true potential if the process of getting to the end feels mechanical. 

Production: dealing with actual stuff that inevitably leads to things

After an idea has been founded and established in my brain, all the pieces start to flow together. I know exactly what materials I need and how to accomplish my goal, or at least have a good idea of where to look for said materials. In this stage, you see your work come to fruition as it slowly comes together, AND IT'S AWESOME! The difficulty with this part is that you encounter real life problems. Those are the WORST kind of problems! You could imagine the most grandiose or fantastic idea in the world only to find out you're $2 million under budget when you try to execute your plans. This is the stage where people won't call you back, the catering people are late, the building you rented catches fire, or you get sued for copyright infringement!

So both of my oversimplified steps have their issues. I want to know what it is that trips you up the most in the creative process or what your favorite part of it is! SO COMMENT AND TELL ME!

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  • I absolutely love production. I have no love whatsoever for pre-production. I have not ever had an "original thought". And so that is the impossible part for me. I can easily find out if we are going to be infringing on copyrights, and I know how to not let buildings catch on fire. And I can easily keep an eye on the budget. And you fire late catering people. Easy. Those are my type of job. Creation, I will leave that up to those higher than me.

  • Trips me up: Monday
    Favorite part: Friday

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