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Performance characteristics of 5083 h111 aluminum plate

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Marine aluminum materials are generally super wide and thick aluminum plates of 5 series aluminum plates. The main alloy numbers include 5052 aluminum plates, 5083 aluminum plates and 5454 aluminum plates. Al6061 aluminum alloy of 6 series can also be used for ship plates. 5083 h111 aluminum plateis an aluminum-magnesium alloy, its production process is more complicated, and the requirements for equipment are relatively high, so the price is higher than ordinary aluminum plates. 5083 aluminum plate ship plate has high alloy strength. After hot rolling treatment, it has good processability, corrosion resistance and welding performance, so it is a good raw material for ship aluminum plate.


Marine aluminum plates are divided into marine marine aluminum plates, inland river marine aluminum plates and yacht marine aluminum plates. Due to different applications, the requirements for the corresponding aluminum plate performance are also different. For marine marine aluminum plates, the alloy used is 5083 h111 aluminum plate, and for inland marine ships, 5454 aluminum plate is usually used. Ordinary 5052 aluminum plate for marine boats used in domestic parks is also suitable. Generally speaking, according to the characteristics of ships, the aluminum plates used in shipbuilding are some ultra-thick and wide aluminum plates, and the alloy state is mostly in the H state.


At present, there are not many manufacturers specializing in the production of 5083 h111 aluminum platefor marine use. For the manufacture of various types of ships, corresponding aluminum alloy plates have great requirements on processing technology and production equipment. Among the 5 series aluminum plates of Henan Mingtai Aluminum Company, 5083 aluminum plates and 5086 aluminum plates have obtained the international Norwegian classification certification and obtained official recognition. Other 1-8 series alloy aluminum plates can also be produced according to the customer's specific application areas and requirements for aluminum plate performance, providing customers with a full range of services.

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