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Outdoor Advertising And Why You Should Invest In One?

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The concept of outdoor advertising in Australia, has been around for a long time as has the billboards. Billboards are a common site alongside busy roads meant to attract the attention of those passing by both pedestrians and drivers. Such billboards are made as large as possible with attractive graphics and lights (LEDs) or video to ensure it catches the eye of everyone passing by.

However, the billboard has evolved as per our lifestyle and now there are multiple options when it comes to billboards and outdoor advertising in Australia.Businesses now have the option of strategically placing outdoor billboards that are also mobile. It is more advantageous for a business to strategically place mobile banners and there are many options available too as described in this article.

Types of Billboards

There are many types of outdoor billboards like the trailer, scooter, mobile, and walking billboards. These are described in more detail in the article. There are many benefits of opting for this type of billboard. All of them are eco-friendly, the walking billboards more being more environmentally friendly. It is also possible to combine this will this type of advertising with audio and video aids to make it more effective. One of the other options is to also hand out flyers; this is more applicable to the walking billboard type of outdoor advertising than the others.

Here are a few described in detail:

Trailer Advertising: Trailer Billboard can be designed using LED screens, lights, etc.; the benefit being it can transport to strategic locations and place in full view of those passing by. A trailer billboard is usually quite big and can hold up to two panels. It is weatherproof, is very effective and hard to miss. It usually does have the desired impact on those who view it. It is often placed on private land so that it is in full view of those traveling on major road, highway, or intersection.

Scooter Advertising: This is a very creative method of advertising that is quite effective since it is mobile and the mobile billboard received a lot of exposure. These scooters can hold up to three different panels thus providing the opportunity to advertise three different products and create brand awareness. It can cover more area than a fixed billboard. The other benefits are that it can even be strategically placed in crowded areas like near a mall or near a happening event to ensure maximum exposure.

Mobile Billboards: A mobile billboard is that which is placed on an advertising truck. A mobile billboard of this kind is very large, similar to a conventional billboard. The advantage of this one is that it is maneuverable, can be placed at a strategic location like in a car park, circulated in high traffic arterials and even placed near shopping centres.

Walking Billboard: This is one of the most flexible mobile billboards since it essentially involves a person walking around with a billboard; someone has the ability to access any hard to reach locations. An advertiser can target specific locations that are likely to be the most beneficial. This includes places near crowded malls, in close proximity to the shop itself, at special events, etc.

Outdoor Billboard Advertising Strategies

A person outdoors is likely to see hundreds of advertisements if in a metro city, since cities usually have a lot of billboards. Although billboards are readable one may not recall them later, since the advertisement is not always very effective. There are many types of outdoor advertising campaigns that a business can take advantage of, billboards being one of them. Several businesses prefer using the electronic medium like radio broadcasts, or television too.

Outdoor advertising is more effective since thousands of people travel daily either by foot or via a vehicle. There are a lot many more types of billboards available as already described in this article. To be able to use such outdoor billboards effectively requires a good strategy and well-planned marketing campaign.

Some of the common strategies include analyzing the peoples movement during the day and being aware of the events happening around the city. Placing the outdoor billboards at strategic places depending on the time of the day is very beneficial. Thus, billboard advertising in Australia is highly beneficial to businesses, especially due to the fact that they can be used in a dynamic manner.

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