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Mingtai 6061 aluminum plate Supplier

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The so-called mold is a tool for making a shaped article, and it mainly realizes the processing of the shape of the article by changing the physical state of the formed material. Aluminum sheets have a series of excellent properties and are the preferred materials for making molds. The aluminum plate for mold includes 6061 aluminum plate, 5052 aluminum plate, 5083 aluminum plate, 7075 aluminum plate, 2024 aluminum plate, and the like.


In the mold manufacturing industry, 80% of the products can be made of 6061 aluminum. 6061 aluminum plate belongs to 6 series Al-Mg-Si alloy, which has high strength and heat treatment stability, high wear resistance, good processing performance, high temperature resistance, meets the requirements of mold materials, and is also widely used in the mold aluminum plate type. One.


The mold is known as the "mother of industry" and is widely used in electromechanical products such as automobiles, bicycles, sewing machines, cameras, motors, electrical appliances, meters, etc., as well as in the field of household appliances. The mold made of 6061 aluminum platehas the advantages of good mechanical properties, good workability, good thermal conductivity, material saving, high speed processing, deformation resistance, high temperature resistance and good wear resistance.


6061 aluminum plate is one of the hot products of Mingtai Aluminum. At present, we can process 6061 aluminum platewith thickness of 0.3-500mm and width of 500-2650mm, and it has good corrosion resistance, sufficient strength, excellent process performance and welding performance. . Mingtai Aluminum's 1+1 Production Linehas greatly increased the output of aluminum sheets and provided a solid foundation for the large-scale production of 6061 aluminum sheets.

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