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Lockdown, focus and how to maintain it during stressful times — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Lockdown, focus and how to maintain it during stressful times


If you thought 2019 was a shitty year, you're bound to be surprised by how 2020 turned out. Quite the beginning of the year and probably the worst Spring of our generation. As of April 2020, Coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than 200 000 people worldwide. Still, that's only one of most people's concerns. Millions of people face impoverishment, especially those working in the tourism sector. Of course, many other categories face unemployment. Entrepreneurs see their life's work crumble down... Dark times have come indeed, which is why it's important to follow that flicker of light, however small it may be.

I'll leave poetry aside and get right to the point. Regardless of your situation, there is always something you can do to be one step closer to fulfillment. It may be getting that dream job, starting that business or whatever your heart desires. The point is, at any hour of the day, it's impossible that you don't have the means to develop the necessary skills to further your dreams and desires.

Is boredom truly a reason for being lazy?

I hear many people complaining about boredom due to lockdown. OK, I get it, loneliness can creep in when you don't see your family, friends or you don't have a companion to spend time with. It's a real bummer, no doubt about that.

It's enough to make anyone use it as an excuse to stay depressed, binge watch Youtube videos to avoid boredom and completely overlook what's important. Of course, some people don't have anything that's important to them. The smart ones will use this period for introspection and find what they truly love.

I've seen people post pictures or videos while drawing, singing, cooking, playing an instrument. Kudos to those people, as they are most certainly not bored. They are, in fact, transmuting what would be bored, loneliness and depression into delightful solitude filled with fulfillment.

How to get started if you're lazy

It is difficult to get started, especially if you're not exactly the productive type (in other words, a d*mned lazy bastard). I have days like that too, I admit. I do my best to overcome such days by using nootropics (substances that are considered somewhere between supplements and smart drugs that enhance cognitive abilities). I usually stack L-Theanine, Rhodiola, B-vitamins, Modafinil and Phenibut, usually two of each to get the maximum benefits. Of these, the most effective one is Modafinil.You can read more about how Modafinil can help with social isolation here.

I recommend this method especially to those who are just starting out. Other habits that will help you overcome laziness are, of course, exercising, proper nutrition and nourishing sleep.You can read more about habits that enhance cognitive abilities, if you wish.


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