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April 12, 2013 at 12:56 PMComments: 1 Faves: 1

I'm Excited

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

I love making videos. I love thinking up ideas, becoming so entrenched inside a thought I cannot help but obsess over the pictures and sounds reverberating through my head. I love the logistics of pre-production, even the tedious and frustrating paperwork. Every bit of progress on a project fills me with such unimaginable excitement, it's hard for even me to comprehend why I act like I do. Upon receiving an email from my contacts in England or India that I work with, I am instantly awake, it doesn't even matter what they are saying or what hour of the day it is. Preparing my equipment for a shoot is about the equivalent of mainlining straight adrenaline. When I have a team assembled and the shoot day arrives, I wade into the blood and guts. 


The last 3 films that I have created felt really weird. None of them really turned out how I wanted, and in all honesty the ideas that were the foundation of each film were products of salesmanship, not genuine interest. In each of them, I created something that on paper I thought was going to look pretty okay and we might catch a break. Two of said films did absolutely nothing, not even garnering the lowest of recognition in its respective festival. The third, based off actual creativity, but executed through frustration and with an apathetic crew, still awaits it's judgement. It was cute. It was fluffy. It had a dog that all it wanted to do was sleep and actors that begrudgingly arrived to the set. 

The end product actually did have some merit. My seemingly negative attitude is lightened ever so slightly when someone legitimately chuckles at the humor in the 60 second story. My co-director told me that after the dust settled, it was the 2nd worst thing that we have produced EVER. So that made me sad. I didn't think that it deserved that harsh of a judgement, mostly because I have produced a crap ton more mixed media than him, but that is up to the judges now isn't it?


The future, however, holds fantastic and wonderful things! We are entering 2 films into the same festival being held in Cannes, France (not the Cannes Film Festival, but still super cool). One of the entries is for Campbell's Chunky Soup. The concept revolves around the debate of eating utensil for their Chunky soup. Without getting into the intimate details of it before we actually hit the record button, I will tell you that it involves ninjas, an epic fish, pirate treasure, and shaving your face on the street like a boss. This creation stems from the constant barrage of nonsensical brainchildren and whiteboard drawings of my coproducer and myself.

I realized the true weight of this project when I did a bit of self examination. Though I was excited about past projects, even the ones that I didn't have much real zeal for, I find myself constantly enveloped with the thought of producing the masterpiece playing in my head. The story that we have made fits our niche! I wish I could show you the video I'm about to make, people! *grabs reader by the shirt and shakes*


As I mentioned before, I'm slated to create 2 films, all in the next 45 days. The second film came to me through the exact same means, just slightly later. For this film, we are going to create a slot for Chevrolet, the 4th film that we will have created for our Detroit based friends. This film is intrinsically different than the other compositions that we had created in the past for Chevy. Before, we were making trendy happy films that targeted typically the younger generation of car buyers, unlike those projects, this is going to be an experimental abstract video. 

AND it's written by Jon Landau. Soo that's awesome.

My point in saying all this...

What I am trying to say is that when it comes to making things, films or whatever you want, the end product will probably be exponentially better if you have a true passion for the process that you are going through. Even though I considered myself passionate about every single film that I made, never have I felt THIS EXCITED to make something. So I will keep you up to date on how the films turn out! :D

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  • Really great blog, Dayton! I'm excited (albeit likely not as much as you) to see/hear about the finished product!

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