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How to write a book or novel - simple tips — an article on the Smart Living Network
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How to write a book or novel - simple tips


Many readers sooner or later have the thought - Why don't I write a book myself? Its always there comes a time when you need to start writing the book directly. And here the problems begin. The following simple tips will help you choose the right vector, assure yourself of your abilities, find inspiration and complete the work you have begun.

Remember, the book is a long-playing investment, which, however, does not bring quick money. If you are ready for such a development of events, then you should stock up on perseverance (you will have to work quickly and hard) and a good PR man. However, money in any case should not be the first and only goal of the future writer. This is not the best motivator for creativity.

If you consider writing exclusively as a way of enrichment, then it makes sense to look for yourself in related, but more dynamic and less creative fields. For example, you can create your own blog, do content marketing or copywriting.

Where to look for inspiration

Inspiration is a special state of a person, which is characterized on the one hand by high productivity, and on the other, by a huge upsurge and concentration of human powers. It is closely associated with the occurrence of insights. It is not worth explaining that timer insights do not turn on, and indeed are extremely rare. The need for inspiration for writing is too exaggerated. Creating a book is, first and foremost, painstaking and continuous work; it cannot rely on so much inconsistent reality as illumination.

However if you dont want to spend your efforts and time writing a book or novel, then you can always turn to any affordable Ghostwriting Services.

How to organize work on a book

Learn how to organize your work correctly from the very beginning:

  • Create a workplace;
  • Write with a timer;
  • Use cards;
  • Make a public statement.

Your workplace may be completely unlike an office (you are the creator after all!). The main thing is to work there productively. Perhaps the only rule is privacy, because the writing business needs maximum concentration.

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