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How to quickly cut and smash straw straw?

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Chaff Cutter uses corn stalks, wheat straw, straw and other crops as processing materials to produce feed processing equipment suitable for livestock breeding cattle, sheep, horses and deer feeds by mechanical smashing. Now it is all smashed with a machine. How did it smash straw and straw?



Now most young people dont know how to scribble in the past. I will simply say that scribble is to smash the poles or grasses of the crops with a sickle to feed the cows or sheep. The specific method is to press one by one, and A person puts the grass down to the sickle. In my hometown, the two old brothers next door often scribbled in the yard. The two brothers scribbled the grass. The boss loves fart, and he puts a fart when he presses hard. The voice is not loud, it is a snoring, the second child is very unhappy, and he screams heavily, indicating that he is very dissatisfied. The boss snorted and snorted, and the second child snorted again. So the old man screamed at the old man and screamed at the old man screaming ~~~ next to their aging mother doing needlework, I dont know if the old ladys ear was not listening or she was joking with her two sons, she said Your brothers and children are still busy talking about the work.


In the past, the scene of artificial weeding was not common. Now, in addition to some remote mountainous areas, most rural farmers are a Chaff Cutter. They only need to open theChaff cutterand put the straw straw into the feeding port. It can quickly smash straw straw, improve the palatability of livestock, and save labor.


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