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How to make Kraft Grocery Bags with wasted home items

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The trend of eco-friendly products is increasing day by day. Every single person is adopting those ways that will help them to share their contribution to safeguarding the environment. You can use wasted home and redesigned to make a more useful item all by yourself. Let us help you to makekraft grocery bagsby using such objects:

Gather all Supplies:

You have to keep in mind what you want yourreusable grocery bagsto look like to gather all supplies. There are two kinds of bags that you can make, i.e., one has handles while the other does not have. We will be making a bag with handles that is easier to carry and store. To make one, you will need an empty kraft package, a pair of scissors or paper cutter, glue, a ruler, a thin piece of rope or ribbon, a pencil, and decorating materials such as beads, feathers, glitters, paint, or coloring pens.

Begin by Unfolding:

To makegrocery bags for cart, unfold all the creases and joining points of a kraft box to get a flat item. Once you have a smooth object, place it in a landscape form; in more simple words, place it in a way that its long sides are up and down while short sides are to the left and right. You can use a ruler or any other such items to even out all the curves or edges to smooth its appearance.

Start Marking and Cutting:

Once you have flattened a pack, start marking a piece of material that has a length of 15 inches and a width of 9.5 inches using a pencil and a ruler. After marking, cut it using a pair of scissors or a paper cutter to get a defined item. To get a more well-defined piece, place a ruler, and then cut it to get a more accurately looking item.

Locate the Center Points:

After you have taken out a required piece, locate the center points to give it a look ofkraft paper grocery bags. Fold the sheet to find its center. Once you got a crease in the center, you will have to mark further three points. Place a cut-out piece of material in a way that you have a length of 15 inches horizontally. Bring both of the short sides from left towards right and vice versa for the other, towards its center creased area in a way as you were folding the whole thing in half. On the bottom of a material piece, fold it up to 2 inches and crease it.

Fold and Glue the Sides:

Once you have creases, all of the centers points to makestorage for grocery bags,fold both of the left and right sides of a material downward toward its center. Make one side overlap another and use an adhesive to secure its shape and position. Let the glue completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Give it a Proper Shape:

When an adhesive is dried, flip the glue-side to bring the front. To create a slight accordion effect, fold both side-creases inward. This will help to make the sides of the bag as they will open up as a rectangle.

Make a Secure Bottom:

To make a secure bottom, look for the crease lines to determine which end is the bottom of a bag. It should be the one that you previously folded, having a 2 inches gap towards its center. After you have found the creased area fold it for 4 inches from the bottom towards its upper side and crease it this line. Prop open up the bottom of a bag while keeping the rest of a bag fully flattened. The folded creases should open to form a square edge, whereas, on the inside, you should see a triangle of folded material.

To make sure that the bottom of a bag is evenly put together, you will have to fold and glue few sides to the center using the triangular shapes that are formed on end-sides.

Add Handles:

After you have made a secure bottom of a bag, let it completely dry. Open every crease of it to open a bag. To make it easy to carry, add some handle on its panels. You can use any add-ons such as ribbon, rope, or string to make the handles.

To make a handle, bring the top of your bag close to each other and mark 2 holes at the top of your bag using a pencil. Do not get too close to the edge. Leave enough from the top so that the handles can bear the weight of a bag.

Decorate it!

When you are done with the handle, you can decorate a bag to makecustom Kraft Grocery Bags, or you can keep them simple to make it look like a kraft pack.

The above-mentioned is the easiest way to make multiple grocery bags using wasted home items. By using a little creativity, you can completely change its appearance and functionality.

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