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How To Improve Your Academic Writing Skills?

By Nicky Bella More Blogs by This Author

Academic writing is different from writing for other purposes. This kind of writing is difficult as it has to be such a kind of writing which keeps the readers engaged and intrigued. It's never easy to condense all the long complex research studies and findings into long essays which displays a fluidity and seems each to be interpreted by all. Academic writing is a skill which is inevitable by students, academics and researchers. People working in the field of Literature and Languages may find an interest in writing. A good writer is one to whom writing comes naturally. There are many subjects which has no link with writing. And when an academic writer comes across such a subject they can witness difficulty in writing.

Academic writing is a field which shall be always in prominence and so are the academic writers.

To improve your academic writing the following points have to be taken care of:

1) Setting up a place to Write

Making sure that there are all the important tools to develop good writing skills at the special spot in your home where you work is very important. Making sure that the software you will be writing on is there on the computer. Moreover, a place with a comfortable chair and not too much clutter will improve a writer's efficiency. This place should not coincide with the one you eat and watch television. The place has to be such that it helps your mind and body to be associated with work. Getting up frequently from the work would disrupt the writing flow. So making sure that you have all the stationeries like pens, papers, books, etc. before sitting down to write, makes you showcase your potential more efficiently.

2) Use Online Classes and Guides

Many students who excel in their respective fields would not have ever needed specific writing classes. One might be a genius in engineering or humanities but might not be able to put down his ideas formally onto a paper. Sometimes, it is disappointing to see how people are expected to write on their own without ever being taught to do so. To improve writing and seek help to finish their tasks one can go for Assignment Help where there is online expertise available to guide one through their courses.

3) Write to Express Yourself

Academic writing is all about expressing yourself in a manner which is easily understandable to everyone. Being concise and clear is the key to an effective academic writing. This will help the readers to not get confused with the structure. Good academic writing should keep in mind to not repeat the facts as this would lead to the undermining of structure. Clearly expressing oneself in a manner which is easily interpreted by the readers without using any difficult terminology is the best way to express oneself in academic writing. Avoiding long and complicated sentences and use of unnecessary language would make your writing more engrossing.

4) Use Online Editing and Proofreading Sources

There are many online tools which are easy to use and which can help you to assess and improve the writing. Tools which analyze your writing, grammar, spelling, long awkward sentences should be used effectively so that the reader finds it convenient to comprehend the write up. This gives you a score and you get to know how appropriate you are in your skills through such proofreading activity.

5) Write like you Speak

It's very important to remember that academic writing is formal in nature. But, it is more important to remember that it should be read well. Academic writing does not necessarily have to include complicated vocabulary and stuffy language. Rather, it should use a language which should be easy for the peers and professors to read and understand. Therefore, writing as if you are speaking helps you to achieve this. It keeps the readers engrossed in you conversation.

6) Never forget your Audience

As the audience is the reason for your writing, it is very important to not forget them. It is necessary to bear in mind that your writing is intended for whom. If you are writing for a Professor at My Assignment Help it should be noted that they don't need explanations for every little concept. Whereas, if you are writing for a student, it is important that you alter your language so that he understands what your arguments are.

Thus, to improve the academic writing skills, all the above points need to be taken care of so that one becomes not only a good but a demanding academic writer.

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Jack Mathews is a contributing writer to Livewebtutors. He is a podcaster, style coach and has been a blogger and professional blogger writing about fashion, beauty tips, personal development and motivation since 2010. He has his own well-established blogging website.

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