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How much is a kilogram of AL 5052 aluminum sheet

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AL5052 aluminum plate is a common alloy aluminum plate in the market. AL5052 aluminum plate is used in many fields such as automotive, marine, electronics, and construction. AL5052 aluminum plate is widely used. How much is 1kg for AL5052 aluminum plate? Let's take a look together.


How much is 1kg for AL5052 aluminum plate? First of all, we must understand the factors that affect the price of AL5052 aluminum plate. Let's make a detailed analysis below.


1. Product specifications


One of the factors that affects how much an AL5052 aluminum sheet costs 1 kg is the product specifications. The state of AL5052 aluminum plate is different, the thickness is different, and the width is different. The physical and financial resources invested in the production process of 5052 aluminum plate manufacturers will also be different. These will affect the production cost of aluminum plate manufacturers, and the price of AL5052 aluminum plate will change accordingly.


2, supply and demand


The second factor that affects how much 1505 kg of AL5052 aluminum plate is the relationship between supply and demand. The number of AL5052 aluminum plates supplied on the market is small, and the market supply is less than people's demand. At this time, it is in the seller's market, and the price of AL5052 aluminum plates will be higher. Conversely, the number of 5052 aluminum plates on the market is greater than people's demand, and it is in the buyer's market, AL5052 aluminum sheet pricewill be lower.


3.Raw material


The raw material of aluminum ingot is the third factor in the price change of AL5052 aluminum plate. Aluminum sheet manufacturers produce and purchase aluminum ingots with different raw materials, which have different costs and prices.


4. The nature of the manufacturer


The nature of aluminum plate manufacturers will also affect the price of al5052 aluminum plate. At present, the manufacturers on the market generally include direct-type manufacturers and intermediate wholesalers. Wholesalers will have the effect of price differences. In order to ensure cost, the aluminum plate price positioning of these manufacturers will be relatively high; on the other hand, direct-selling aluminum plate manufacturers do not have the effect of intermediate second and third-level Aluminum sheet suppliers, and the price positioning is lower.


When choosing an AL5052 aluminum plate manufacturer, users should not only pay attention to how much it costs 1 kg for AL5052 aluminum plate, but also pay attention to the quality of AL5052 aluminum plate. Mingtai Aluminum provides comprehensive sales services for users. ) Super thick (500mm), excellent performance, affordable price, users can rest assured to buy, get detailed al5052 aluminum plate quote, you can consult online customer service for free.

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