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How do sunflower seeds thresh?

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after the harvest, spread it out on the drying ground, beat it with a soft cloth or cotton, hand-pick the seed coat and take out the grain, or after harvesting, put the oil sunflower seed into the pot and put it on the glove. The seeds are lightly licked and open until the seed coat fades.


Try to dry it as much as possible, hammer it with a wooden stick, or tricycle and tractor on it (thicker to prevent crushing). The seeds are then separated.


Nowadays, there is usually no manual degranulation. There is a special sunflower thresher, which is efficient and convenient.



When is sunflower seed harvested?


Choosing the optimum harvest time for sunflowers is also a key measure to achieve higher benefits. Premature harvesting of the grain is not full and the skin color is not good, and the harvest is too late and the grain is reduced. When the back of the sunflower flower turns white and yellow, the edge becomes 2cm brown, and the upper part of the plant leaves yellow and falls off. When the seed skin hardens, the harvest is suitable for the harvest. After the harvesting, the trays are dried in time and de-granulated in selected packaging towns. The water content of edible seeds should be reduced to 10% - 12%, and the oil used should be reduced to 7% in order to be safely stored.


The harvesting date is generally in September. When the sunflower stalk turns yellow, the upper leaves turn yellow-green, the lower leaves are yellow and drooping, and the back of the disk turns brown. The lingual flowers dry and fall off, and the yellow leaves in the leaves become the characteristic color of this variety. The black is translucent, with small white stripes, and there is not much water in the kernel. At this time, the harvest is most ideal.


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