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High quality 5083 Marine Grade Aluminum

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1.The low density, high strength, high rigidity and corrosion resistance of aluminum make the weight of aluminum ships less than 20% compared with ships constructed of steel or other alloy materials. This can reduce the weight of the ship and reduce energy consumption. In addition, Mingtai Marine's 5083 aluminum plate's high toughness, corrosion resistance and weldability make it possible to produce a strict ship type. At the same time, Mingtai ship board can resist the corrosion of atmospheric, steam, water and other media in the marine climate for a long time, durable and more economical.


2.advanced production equipment - to create the excellent quality of Mingtai marine aluminum panels. Mingtai Aluminum has advanced equipment for the production of marine aluminum sheets: roughing mills, finishing mills, quenching furnaces, straightening machines, polishing machines, etc.


3.3, strong processing capacity - Mingtai marine aluminum plate with an annual output of 200,000 tons to help customers seize the market.


4.4, the authoritative international certification - for the Mingtai quality ship board offer escort.


As the leader of domestic aluminum sheet and foil, Mingtai provides customers with a comprehensive quality assurance system, from aluminum ingots purchased from raw materials to layer inspection in production, to quality inspection before leaving the factory, providing customers with 360 degrees. Worry quality inspection packaging, to achieve one-stop worry-free procurement worldwide.


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