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Explore Some Necessary Information For Fast And Quick T Shirt Printing

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When you place your order, we set up your t shirt, hoodie, jackets to printing process within 2 working days and your order will be completed with print within a week.

If you have decided to focus on online t shirt printing Singapore, then you need to know and should have the following knowledge for the printing.

We ensure you that without this knowledge, its will be hard for you to face any printing service company to understand their pricing because the printing works depends on the number of aspects like colors, setup, t-shirts, and other area which we have mentioned below.

For fast & quick printing - information present below will help you.

  • Design finalization Easter/Vector
  • Color of T-shirt and shirts
  • T-Shirt Sizes
  • Total quantity of t shirts and shirts
  • Logo placement

Design finalization: A managed vector design is important when you do t shirt printing of graphics, letters and font or other simple color logo and design.

A finalized vector image design always guarantee that the image is printed smoothly without any pixelated edges.

If you are thinking of printing a photo coverup on full t shirt such as portrait of someone, a raster or jpg image would result best.

Company logo, text or custom graphic with smooth edges will look better when you choose vector design. If you want to vectorized your logo then our team will help you to know what you want to print and also let you know if your image and design or logo needs a vector format or not.

Color of T Shirts: Choosing a right color is an art and its very important when youre getting corporate t shirt printing Singapore online. Suppose your logo is dark shaded and you have chosen a dark color t shirt and shirt, then this will be a wrong decision because in that case your logo will not stand out.

After this, you need to know how your logo will look on the t shirt color which you have selected as it will also determine that whether the logo will pop out from the t shirt background or not.

Simply you can choose a dark color t shirt when you are printing a light color logo or vice versa only just to pop out the design against the t shirt background.

T-Shirt sizes: Many sizes are available in the market and its important to decide initially which size you actually need like XS small, medium, Large XL, 2XL, 3XL or 4XL. These are some size shown here. Always remember this not every time sometime you may not get all size and colors of t shirts availability in the online market. Thats why it is important to know the total sizes you need for your order. Some of the most popular sizes are medium, large and XL. You can consult an experienced designer, if you looking for a particular size with quality fabric of t-shirt that fits what you are looking for you and your staff.

T-shirt quantity: Bulk cheap t shirt printing is great option for road show, events, trade show advertising as promotion and quality printing on t shirts meet brand awareness. Once you have decided the amount of t shirt that you want to print, then choose color, sizes and print location. Service provider covers up on all small and big level and leaves you with extras to give away to customer or family. For example in schools and colleges there is an average order range start from 100 to 200 t shirts pieces, school and college name or logo should be mentioned on the front of the apparel. Second option comes for commercial and corporate sectors here an average order starts from 300 to above pieces, these type of quantities are used as uniform and gifting to employees and can also give to customers at event to promote business.

Logo Placement: After finding out a large scale printing company such as luminous printing, you must see do they have plenty of apparel styles and proper print locations where you can print your logo on. Mostly People usually prefer the front side of the t shirt as the most popular print location for their company logo. Second most popular area on the shirt for logo placement is chest or pocket and last option is to print on the back side in the middle part of the shirt.

As per Expert advice ideal print would be a left chest print and back centre print if you actually want to promote your business. Every businessman should remember that their graphic logo print should be on the front side and tagline print should be on the back of the t- Shirt. This strategy is perfect for getting your logo seen from both front and back and leaving people with four times impression of your logo and tagline.

If you want to do something different from others, dont worry! Still there is a third option you can choose printing along the sleeves of t shirts or at the bottom of the t shirts as well.

We hope that all your questions would be sorted out from this article. To order your cheapest t shirt you can place your order after going through the online catalog.


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