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Double hull with 6061 aluminum plate

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A catamaran is a one-piece ship that is formed by connecting two elongated hulls laterally together. The hulls are connected by deck bridges, each with independent pushing devices. Because the two boats are connected horizontally, they can withstand large wind and waves at sea and are not easy to overturn. At high speeds, the two slimmer hulls can significantly reduce the resistance of the hull. Moreover, the total width under the same tonnage is large, and the transportation efficiency is high, which is common in the design of boats for competition and entertainment.


The width of the catamaran is much larger than that of the single ship. Its stability is obviously better than that of the single ship, and it has the ability to withstand large wind and waves. The catamaran not only has good maneuverability, but also has a resistance peak that is not obvious. Features such as large load. Compared with single-tonnage single-hull ships, the total width of the catamaran is larger, so there is often a larger deck area and cabin volume, which is especially suitable for loading low-density goods that are large in size and low in weight. Higher transportation efficiency. Dividing a single hull into two can make each hull more elongated, which may reduce the wave-making resistance of the ship. Especially at high speeds, the wave-making resistance is greatly reduced.


The power catamaran uses two elongated hulls, most of which are combined with the turbojet engine to push the water quickly to the ship. According to Newton's third law, a huge forward propulsion (reaction force) can be obtained. ), it is faster to push than the ordinary propeller, and at high speed, the resistance of the elongated hull is greatly reduced. The high-speed catamaran has the advantages of relatively stable, less water resistance, lighter weight and less difficulty in overturning.


The light weight, strong mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of the aluminum alloy make the aluminum alloy widely used in the construction of the catamaran. The marine 6061 aluminum plateproduced by Mingtai Aluminum is the ideal material for the catamaran. .

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