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Do you know what is the fin stock?

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(1) The thickness of the fin stock is thinner: as the forming method of the heat dissipating fin of the air conditioner is changed from the conventional stretch forming to the thinning forming (high speed thinning), the thickness of the aluminum foil tends to be thinner, which will be 0.095mm is thinned to 0.09mm-0.08mm.(2) The proportion of hydrophilic aluminum foil application will increase: hydrophilic foil is coated with anti-corrosive inorganic coating and hydrophilic organic coating on the surface of aluminum foil, and has anti-corrosion, anti-mold, no odor and other effects, the main application In the radiator (mainly used in the air conditioner, there are also some capacitors, etc.). Good formability and no wear on the mold; extremely strong stamping resistance, solvent resistance, heat resistance; low airflow resistance, heat exchange rate can generally be increased by 10%-15% than the light foil, and the heat sink can reduce wind resistance, Reduce noise, reduce energy consumption and extend service life. As a result, the ratio of hydrophilic aluminum foil to the total stock of fins will increase, with the highest expected to reach 80% by 2010.(3) The variety of hydrophilic aluminum foil will be further refined: in order to meet the market segmentation requirements of household air conditioners, high corrosion-resistant hydrophilic aluminum foil, antibacterial hydrophilic aluminum foil, super hydrophilic aluminum foil, nano-organic hydrophilic aluminum foil will realize the industry. Chemical.(4) Mandatory increase in air conditioning and refrigeration efficiency to promote increased consumption of fin stock.

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