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Difference between Roku and Chromecast: Roku vs Chromecast 2020

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  • When coming to the streaming media players, the two giants in the field are Google and Roku.
  • The streaming media players of each company will differ in terms of features.

Roku has become known as the best wireless device ever produced. It consists of a strong quad-core processor that lets the gadget work to the highest possible levels. Another feature of this app is the fast channel start and the Customized buttons for shortcuts. Roku ultra can be activated using the Url Roku com link.

roku vs chromecast

The following are some of the differences when comparing Roku Premiere and Chromecast.


  • To start with, Chromecast provides increased streaming speed.

  • In addition, it offers users with voice control ability.

(Note: You will need to pair Chromecast with Google-connected home device to enjoy the features.)

In the case of the Roku Premiere, it provides 4K HD in terms of picture quality.

  • A Roku remote comes along with the streaming player.
  • Both differ in terms of cost too.
  • The Chromecast streaming players is one of the affordable players among the other streaming players available in the market.
  • In addition, the weight of both the Roku Premiere and Chromecast will differ.
  • On purchasing the Chromecast streaming player, you will get a power adapter along with a power cable.
  • You can go for the Roku Premiere if you are in need of setting home theater.
  • You can access free content via your Roku Premiere.
  • The player comes along with a remote.
  • You can make use of the channel shortcut buttons to access Hulu, Sling, Netflix, etc.
  • The Roku Premiere is different from other streaming players as it has a tiny USB stick.
  • In addition to the remote, the user gets a premium high-speed HDMI cable, a USB power cable, a power adapter, a removable adhesive strip, batteries and a manual to set up the player.

(Note: There will be streaming differences between the Roku Premiere and Chromecast streaming players.)

To know more about thedifferences between Roku Premiere and Chromecast, contact our customer support team anytime via+1-844-893-6700.

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