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Difference between an Attested Copy and a Certified Copy

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In a world where you need to keep a copy of everything even businesses done over any social media messenger, people have started to make a copy of that. Because there are so many people with so many stories who have suffered loss by not keeping a proof of their word. So, in such days, you need to keep a copy of your parking tickets as well. And when it comes to legalizing your personal documents people usually get confused with two words; attested copy and a certified copy. People collect so many documents and when they are asked to bring attested copy of documents mostly, they end up bringing some certified copies of the documents and vice versa. And that is why people run away from legal matter just because they dont understand the fat words in the papers. But this article has used regular speaking style to help you understand and differentiate yourself whenever the next time you want to clear the legal matters.


A certified copy of any document is an official copy of the document which is kept in court or the clerks of different department for maintaining the citizens records from time to time. These documents include; birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, family record certificate which is also called the immediate family tree. These copies are safe with the officials and no one can make a copy of them or get them out accept you. But the public notaries can, in case if there is civil suit against you or any background check that the police needs to do.


But an attested document can be of different things which are needed when you buy any asset or even open a personal account with any bank. Attested copies cannot be copies by anyone, even the officials cannot do it without your knowledge. The record of these copies is with you at all times. Some people have also bought lockers in banks to secure different attested documents. Attested documents can also include bank statements, business or property inheritance. There are some documents of attestation which the public notaries keep like; loan documents, health insurance etc. such copies are made for your benefit only.


If you are an expat or an Emirati, and you need to travel aboard or need to purchase property for attestation. You will need different certificate attestation in UAE to travel or even start a new business. You can go now to hundreds of companies who will assist you in such matters.

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