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Days of our lives on the island of Boracay


We had the days of our lives on the island of Boracay in the Philippines, and so can you. Finding your own paradise for tropical islands may not be on your wish list at the moment, not at least a little research. But we certainly did. After visiting the Philippines for more than two decades, we found that Boracay is one of the best places to have relaxing and adventurous experiences. It can't be the place to be if you're over 70 unless you like seeing tanned bodies and sexy women on the beaches. And Boracay is definitely a good value if you plan your vacation well. It is worth listening to someone who has experienced Boracay and is happy to give recommendations as a friend.
You have the money, you are finally ready to book your flight and accommodation for a trip to one of the most beautiful islands in the world. You will be absolutely excited to pack your bathing suits, stand on a plane and finally experience the look of one of Boracay's thirteen white and dusty sandy beaches. There is not a surplus of American travelers who have the courage to visit Boracay, but Americans do not and do not regret it. You have no problem finding information to plan a trip online with so many options available on the island, especially when it comes to finding accommodation, food and fun activities to everyone's preference. So I can see how you can get confused when planning your route with so many options. This article from the first hours in Boracay will be very helpful when planning your trip for a perfect vacation in paradise.
Where is Boracay?
Where is the Philippines? From our American history, you may remember the famous MacArthur who left the Philippines during World War II and declared "I will return." What he did to liberate the Philippines from the Japanese during World War II. You can still dive into sunken Japanese wrecks in the Philippines. So the United States has a history with the Philippines. You will find the Philippines in Asia, south of China and east of Malaysia. It is a land of thousands of tropical islands, the second largest archipelago in the world and a dream to visit. The global media is bombarding us with images of Filipinos living in extreme waste conditions near Manila, maritime and natural disasters. Unfortunately, they are found everywhere, but especially in third countries. So why not consider your money spent in Boracay as your donation to help build your country?
Boracay is less than an hour's flight south of Manila. It is just to the northwest corner of Panay Island in the western Visayas region. The most convenient way to get to Boracay is through Manila International Airport (NAIA) with a domestic connecting flight to Caticlan Airport, followed by a short and comfortable boat trip to Boracay Island. Daily flights connect Manila to Caticlan, the gateway to Boracay Island. Alternatively, it would be more convenient if you could fly to the much larger Kalibo International Airport and then take a 90-minute bus ride to Caticlan.
A regular bank rig (both rigged) serves Boracay on the 15-minute journey from the Caticlan pier to White Beach. Filipinos help you with your luggage and fragile people if necessary. This may be your only source of revenue, so request some changes. A weight of 20 pesos (half a dollar) would be enough, depending on the amount of work they do for days of our lives.

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