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Beautiful skills

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Aluminum foil manufacturer teach you to identify aluminum foil defects


1, poor plate typeDue to uneven deformation, the surface of the foil is locally undulated, which is called poor plate shape.2, the oil is not cleanIt is detected whether the degreasing is clean. Generally, after annealing, the degreasing grade is detected by brushing method. If the level specified by the brushing test is not reached, the aluminum foil may have oil.3. Cracked edgeThe phenomenon that the longitudinal edge of the surface of the aluminum foil is broken is called a split edge. In severe cases, obvious gaps are visible in the edges, which have a great impact on the later use.4, adhesionThe aluminum foil roll sheet is not easy to open, and the multiple sheets are plate-shaped when opened, and the product free fall length cannot meet the standard requirements.5, pinholePinholes are irregular holes that are visible on the surface of an aluminum foil. Pinhole problems can affect sealing.6, highlightsWhen the aluminum foil is double-rolled, the uneven spots on the dark surface of the aluminum foil appear as bright spots.


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