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Automotive aluminum | 5754 aluminum plate

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New energy vehicles will help to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction and alleviate environmental pressures. However, at present, the batteries used in new energy vehicles cannot meet the requirements of the cruising range of vehicles. Only by reducing the weight of the whole vehicle can the cruising range be improved. Related research shows that the pure electric vehicle's overall vehicle weight is reduced by 10kg, and the driving range can be increased by 2.5km. This shows the importance of car lightweighting.


The development of lightweight vehicles is inseparable from the choice of vehicle materials. Among many lightweight materials, aluminum alloy materials have obvious advantages. The density of aluminum is small, only 1/3 of steel. The aluminum alloy is used instead of steel to optimize the structure and reduce the weight of the body by more than 50%. Due to the high strength, corrosion resistance, good processing performance and high recycling efficiency of aluminum alloy, the consumption of aluminum in automobiles has increased rapidly.


At present, aluminum alloys used for automobile lightweighting are 5182, 5083, 5754, 5052, 6061 alloy aluminum plates, etc., which are respectively used in different parts of the vehicle. The 5754 aluminum plate is a common alloy for automotive fuel tanks and a star product of Mingtai Aluminum. We can process 5754 aluminum plate with thickness of 0.30-600mm and width of 150-2600mm. It has medium strength, high corrosion resistance and good weldability. It has a good application effect in the field of automobile fuel tank.


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