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Aluminum Tread Plate for refrigerators

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Aluminum Tread Plateis one of the main products of Mingtai Aluminum, and has always had a good reputation among new and old customers. Aluminum Tread Platehas the advantages of high hardness and high corrosion resistance, and is usually used in humid environments such as refrigerators and cold storage.


First of all, in terms of refrigeration speed, according to the physics principle, the thermal conductivity of Aluminum Tread Plateis 237W/mK. The higher the thermal conductivity value, the better the thermal conductivity. The faster the cooling rate under the same conditions, the more the cooling effect will be. it is good. In terms of materials, the cost of the Aluminum Tread Plateis higher, and the reason why the better refrigerator chooses the high-cost aluminum plate evaporator is because the cooling effect of the pattern aluminum plate evaporator is the best. In terms of solder joints and corrosion resistance, the pattern aluminum plate on the surface of the aluminum plate evaporator of the high-performance refrigerator will be wrapped with a cooling tube. Without any solder joints, the refrigerant will never leak out, safe and healthy! In terms of bearing capacity, The refrigerator freezer drawer is in full contact with the pattern aluminum plate evaporator, and the refrigeration area is large and the refrigeration is uniform. Due to the uniform force, the bearing capacity of the aluminum plate evaporator made of the pattern aluminum plate is up to 30 kg.


When purchasing the Aluminum Tread Plate, you should observe the appearance of the aluminum plate, view the work of the aluminum plate, and consider the performance of the Aluminum Tread Plate, combined with the user's own needs. For example, 1060 Aluminum Tread Platecan adapt to normal environment, low price, usually used for cold storage, floor, outer packaging, etc.; 3003 aluminum plate is also called rust-proof aluminum plate, the strength is slightly higher than ordinary aluminum alloy plate, with certain rust prevention. Performance, but hardness and corrosion resistance is less than the 5000 series, so this product is usually used for less demanding rust prevention, such as truck models, cold storage floors and so on.

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