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Aluminum plate manufacturer supplies 5754 aluminum plate

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The 5754 aluminum plate is a hot-selling product of the 5-series aluminum plate. The 5-series aluminum-magnesium alloy has the characteristics of low density, high tensile strength and high elongation. In the case of the same area, the weight of the 5-series aluminum-magnesium alloy is significantly lower than that of the other series, so it is applied more on the aircraft fuel tank. In the usual production and life, you will also see many 5 series aluminum-magnesium alloys. As a representative product of 5-series aluminum-magnesium alloy, 5754 aluminum platehas medium strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability and easy processing.


The 5754 aluminum alloy plate produced by Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry is far superior to the national standard, with reliable quality and guaranteed quality. It has been well received by users of Mingtai 5754 aluminum plate. 5754 aluminum plate is one of the advantages of Mingtai Aluminum. The state of 5754 aluminum alloy sheet is the main material used in the automotive industry (car doors, molds, seals) and canning industry. In the field of automotive lightweight materials, the 5754 aluminum plateis also a showcase, contributing to the reduction of car quality, energy saving and environmental protection.


Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd., a large-scale manufacturer of 5754 aluminum alloy plate, is an aluminum processing enterprise and listed company specializing in R&D and production of aluminum plate and foil. The 20-year production history has promoted Mingtai's mature processing technology; the introduction of world-class machines has enabled Mingtai products to guarantee the quality; 313 professional technicians have laid a good foundation for the development of Mingtai new products; 1.3 million square meters The production base has reached an annual output of more than 650,000 tons; the high-quality service attitude has won unanimous praise from the new and old customers.

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