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Accommodation in northern Spain: delivery of a high level of constant comfort

By Thomas Ervin More Blogs by This Author

Northern Spain and Galicia offer an exceptional variety of accommodation for visitors. You can find accommodation for visitors to suit all tastes and even the most select customer will find something to meet their needs.
If you want something slightly different, most people go to one of several exclusive hotels in the region or one of the "Paradores" that can be found in several key places in the area. The region is dotted with mountain shelters with stunning views, not to mention that in the coastal areas you can find many campsites.
The level of accommodation in the area is extremely high, as one would expect from Galicia and northern Spain. The categorization of hotels is granted in a star system and these are assigned by the regional tourism authorities. The local Tourism Authority awards between one and five stars for each hotel and the state of the hotel can be found by looking at a blue plaque near the hotel door.
You can usually find en suite bathrooms or at least one shower in each hotel room. Do not expect to find facilities with a bathroom in small hostels and "Pensions", but in some cases you will be surprised.
The star rating system in Spain reflects the number and range of facilities available instead of the quality of service that a star is awarded to the most modest hotels and five stars to the most elegant and expensive. The most exclusive hotels offer all kinds of additional facilities, such as air conditioning, on-site parking, internet access and rooms with television, as well as facilities for the disabled.
Two or three star hotels are the most popular in this region and their rates vary depending on the season or time of the year you are staying there. It has been found that hostels (hostels) and guest houses are often more popular in this area; The fact that they are cheaper may have something to do with this. They are usually establishments that can only offer a few beds and, in general, are family-run.
There are more than 1,500 hotels with a total of 92,000 beds registered in the territory of the "Green Spain": the Atlantic regions of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country.
Grupo Sol-Melia and NH are the largest hotel chain in the area. The quality of these hotels is extremely good. There are a growing number of small privately managed hotels that have quite distinctive character and charm and can also provide a quite relaxing and unforgettable stay.
In Spain, a series of state hotels known as Paradores have been splashed throughout the country. These have ratings of anything between three and five stars in standard accommodation. The first Parador opened in 1928 and now there is a fairly complete network throughout the country. The theory behind them was that they should never be more than one day driving from one to another. The best known Parador in the area is the Parador de los Reyes Catlicos in Santiago de Compostela and is located in an old royal hunting lodge. You can find other Paradores in Castles, Monasteries and several other monuments. More recently, an increasing number of Paradores have been built, which are usually found in areas of spectacular landscapes or in cities of historical Pebble Beach.

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