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6061 aluminum plate for mobile phone case

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From the big big brother who used to be full of flaming atmosphere to the low-key luxury thin and light smart phone, the fashion development of mobile phone is also a journey of change of mobile phone shell material. 6061 aluminum alloy plate manufacturers for live aluminum alloy mobile phones.


Aluminum alloy is a non-ferrous metal material widely used in industrial applications. A series of aluminum alloys are formed by gradually adding a certain amount of elements such as silicon, magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese in an aluminum matrix. For the 6061 aluminum platemanufacturer, the aluminum alloy maintains the advantages of pure aluminum and light, and at the same time increases the strength.


The outer casing of the mobile phone is made of 6061 aluminum plate. The metal texture of the aluminum alloy mobile phone case is very strong. Compared with the dullness of stainless steel, the aluminum alloy material is easier to process the high-grade, beautiful and brilliant feeling. The aluminum alloy mobile phone case material is very light, and the specific gravity is about one-third of that of stainless steel. The mobile phone is light and convenient in the hand. The aluminum alloy material has strong dyeability, and because of the replacement of aluminum alloy, the so-called "local gold", "high-end gray", "rose gold", "bright black" and other colors appear on the market. At the same time, aluminum alloy materials also have many advantages such as high temperature resistance, no fingerprints, antistatic, environmental protection and non-toxicity.


The aluminum alloy casing of the mobile phone can be used with 6061 aluminum plate, 6063 aluminum plate and 6082 aluminum plate. Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. can customize aluminum plates of different specifications.


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