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6061 aluminum plate for automotive wheels

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Automobile wheels are divided into two categories, steel wheels and alloy wheels. Steel wheels have poor heat dissipation, heavy weight and easy rust. The aluminum alloy wheels are light in weight and have good heat dissipation performance, which can better reduce the weight of the car body. Replaces the application of steel wheels.


Mingtai Aluminum has 6061 grade aluminum alloy plates for the production of wheels. The state is O-state, the thickness is 5.5-7.5mm, and the width is 1220mm. The 6061 aluminum plateand the ordinary aluminum plate 6061 are different in processing because the wheel is driving. The process requires long-term wear and tear, so the fatigue resistance of aluminum is very high. Therefore, the aluminum for the 6061 wheel hub produced by Mingtai is a soaking aluminum ingot. The temperature control of hot rolling is strict, including cold rolling and annealing. They are produced strictly in accordance with the special aluminum for the wheel. After the customer takes the aluminum plate, the aluminum plate is made into an aluminum cylinder, which is then welded and then spun into a shape of the hub. After quenching and aging treatment, the strength of 6061T6 is achieved. There is also a key process to test the wear resistance of the hub, generally in the number of turns, the normal standard should reach 300,000 revolutions or more without piercing the hub without cracking.


The materials of Mingtai Aluminum have been polished after the final treatment. For the beauty of the hub, the wheels used in China are generally sprayed and the cost is low. Most of the foreign hubs are treated with electroplated bright surface, and the aluminum alloy plates for wheel alloy wheels are currently There are still relatively few manufacturers in China, and currently they are mainly passenger cars, but they will gradually develop into new energy buses and trucks.

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