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    August 12, 2014 at 8:00 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

    4 Fun Road Trips Through Oregon

    Summer in the Pacific Northwest is one of the best times of the year. Days are long, the evenings are warm, and it’s the perfect time for trip around the area. Fall is a lovely time to tour the region as well, what will all the gorgeous colors saturating the forests. We’re lucky to live in an area that is within driving distance of the ocean, the mountains, the desert, and so much more. Here are 4 road trips through the beaver (and duck) state that are well worth taking.

    The Gorge:

    The Gorge is exactly that – gorgeous. Start in Oregon, east on I-84 and take a break at Multnomah Falls for a brief viewing of the majestic falls. Head onto Hood River, take a walk through the quaint small town shops and grab a bite to eat before continuing on to hike through one of the many hiking trails found nearby.  Be sure to bring a camera – you’ll want to capture the incredible views once you hit the top of the trail. After you’re good and worn out, hop back in the car and start your journey back. If you’re looking for a romantic overnight adventure or just a scenic place to rest your head for a night, check out Bonneville Hot Springs or Skamania Lodge (and stay for the Sunday brunch).   

    Hit the Coast:

    The Oregon coast will refresh and soothe your soul – there is nothing like breathing in that fresh, salty air. Hit the road and make it to Cannon Beach in an hour. Walk the streets and explore local art. Get back in the car and travel through Seaside and make the kids happy with a pit stop at the local arcade and a trip to Tom & Larry’s for fresh-made fudge. Continue on and stop in Astoria and do some beer tasting at Fort George Brewery (be sure to try the Vortex IPA). Next, head to the Astoria Column and take in the breathtaking views of Mt. St. Helens, the Columbia River, and more.

    The Beauty of Bend:

    Snow-covered mountains, beautiful green forests, and warm sun are all parts of beautiful Bend. On your way to Bend, stop at Kahneeta Resort & Casino and visit the museum, or spend the night and explore the water park there. Once you reach Bend, start exploring the town. There are a variety of family-friendly restaurants as well as the ever-tasty Deschutes Brewery. Continue on and check out local book shops, clothing stores, and ice cream shops. The Sunriver Resort is one of the most common vacation rentals in this town and is not just popular with kids, but adults too. There are lots of outdoor bike trails and outdoor swimming areas to explore when you’re there and it’s a perfect summer getaway.

    Adventure to Hells Canyon:

    Head to the NE corner of Oregon to Hells Canyon and get ready to take part in a variety of all-natural attractions in the national recreation area. Stop by the Snake River before you make it to the Hells Canyon Overlook. On your way back, stop at Hewitt/Holcomb Park near Richmond and explore the fishing scene. Then, on the way back, history enthusiasts will love the National Oregon Trail Interpretive Center a few miles east of Baker City.

    The beauty of the Northwest can be explored easily by car – so hop in, set your cruise control, and go! Just be sure that your vehicle is prepared. Nothing is worse than being stranded on the road far from home.

    Sara Thompson is a health and lifestyle writer in Portland, OR. This article was written in partnership with the expert mechanics at Grease Monkey in Battle Ground, Washington.


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