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1235-O aluminum foil bottle cap price

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1235 aluminum foil belongs to the pure aluminum series, with an aluminum content of not less than 99.35%. It has good rust prevention properties, formability, and solubility. It can be used as cable foil, tape foil, battery foil, and also used as a bottle cap material. Aluminum bottle caps have strict requirements on performance parameters such as strength, flatness, elongation, and dimensional deviation, and in order to facilitate subsequent printing, the requirements for material degreasing rate are also very high.


The choice of bottle cap material 1235-O aluminum foilmanufacturers is very important. Some bad businesses, although the price is very attractive, but the quality can not be guaranteed. Therefore, when choosing, try to choose a large manufacturer with strength, complete certificates, and guaranteed quality. Mingtai Aluminum is a strong aluminum plate and foil manufacturer. It is a private aluminum processing listed company. For 20 years, it has focused on the production and processing of aluminum plates, aluminum foil, and aluminum coils.


Introduction of performance advantages of Mingtai Aluminum 1235 aluminum foil


1. The surface of the aluminum foil is uniform, clean, flat and flat, and there are no obvious traces of roll marks, pits, pinholes, and corrosion;


2, no color difference, no rolling defects such as creases, speckles, bright lines;


3. The surface is degreased cleanly, without serious oily odor, and no oil spots are visible to the naked eye;


4. Good anti-rust effect, excellent performance and easy processing.


Mingtai Aluminum 1235 aluminum foil has a price advantage


Mingtai Aluminum is located in Zhengzhou, Henan, adjacent to the source of raw materials, owns a power plant, has a 1.3 million square meter large factory, and has large-scale production. The cost of aluminum sheet and foil is 30-80% lower than its counterparts, and the price advantage is obvious. The company can send samples for free, and provide original factory warranty, home delivery, and considerate after-sales service!

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