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1100 aluminum alloy Mingtai Aluminum manufacturer price


1100 aluminum composite sheet www.aluminumsheet-manufacturer.combelongs to pure aluminum series, its strength is relatively low, according to the international brand naming principles, content of aluminum must reach 99% to the top for qualified products. Tensile can reach 110-136 Mpa,and elongation is 3%-5%.1100 aluminum sheet is generally used in utensils, heat sinks, caps, printing boards, building materials, heat exchanger components, The aluminum composite sheet is a new type of building decoration materials, the aluminum composite sheet stocks has the advantages of light weight, good rigidity, smooth surface, widely used in curtain wall, indoor and outdoor decoration and advertising signs and other purposes.The Highlights of 1100 aluminum composite panel1.) Light weight2.) 99% pure aluminum3.) Easy anodizing and coloring4.) Smooth surfaceThe applications of aluminum composite panel1.) Indoor and out door decoration2.) Heat sinks, caps, printing boards3.) Advertising signs, road marks4.) Heat exchanger components

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