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[Yoga 101] - Tree Pose

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The Tree Pose is the perfect yoga move to enhance your balance and posture. My spine curves and sticks out of my body. To complicate matters, I'm taller, and over time, I've developed a slouch. The Tree Pose is a  great way to help strengthen the spine and improve posture, so I make sure to practice it every day!

Step 1: Stand up straight.

Stand up straight. Make sure your spine is resting between your back muscles. Check with your hand to see if any part of the bone is sticking out.

Step 2: Palms together.

Be sure to hold your palms together. This helps create a better sense of balance and awareness of posture.

Step 3: Check your foot positioning.

Step 4: Lift one leg just above the ground.

Step 5: When ready, position bottom of the foot against your calve.

Step 6: When ready, grab your leg with your hand.

Step 7: Move the bottom of your foot to your thigh.

Stay in the Tree Pose for 10 breaths or more. Clear your mind, and concentrate on your breathing.

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