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Watch It While You Work: 4 Simple TV Workouts

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Have you ever thought to yourself: "I would exercise if I had more time?" When it comes to getting the amount of physical activity they need each day, a busy schedule is common excuse for people of all ages. These days, if you want to stay fit and keep your schedule, you need to get creative. Perhaps that's why working out while watching television has become so popular. Find time for the exercise you need and feel great when you turn TV time into workout time with these simple tips.

Before Your Work Out

Before any workout, it is important to stretch. Stretching will prepare your muscles and lessen the risk of injuries. Fortunately, you can do most of them while sitting in front of your television set.

  1. Put your leg out and reach for your toes to stretch your hamstrings.
  2. Breathe continuously as you stretch your arms over your head and to each side.
  3. Slowly roll your head around and around and loosen your neck.

There are a variety of effective stretching exercises you can do and the ones you choose will depend on the areas that you are working on that day.

#1. Walking Or Jogging In Place

It does not get any simpler than walking in place and you can keep your eyes on your favorite television show the whole time. Remember to breathe in and out and gradually build up speed to a comfortable pace. If you have joint problems or arthritis, stay with a slow walk, but if you can handle a more challenging exercise, try jogging in place as well as holding things for added weight; soup cans, canned vegetables, or light weights are good suggestions.

#2. Jumping Jacks

The jumping jacks you remember from gym class are a great both as a warm up exercise and a cardio workout. Doing jump jacks may make the screen appear to move. If you are bothered by the moving screen, do them during the commercial breaks. Then, when the show comes back on, rest or return to stretching exercises again.

#3. Sit Ups or Crunches

For toned abdominals and a cut midsection, sit ups and/or crunches are one of the best exercises that you can do. Luckily, because you are looking straight ahead while doing them, they are also easily done while watching television. Again, if you become distracted by the show to where you cannot concentrate enough on the exercise, complete the set while the commercials are on.

#4. Stationary Bicycle or Treadmill 

These days, it is common for people to have some form of exercise equipment in their house. Though, some of them work much better than others if you are planning to save time by working out while watching television. Riding a stationery bicycle, climbing the stair stepper, or walking on a treadmill are all good ways to work your muscles and cardiovascular system. The key is to gradually increase the level of resistance to challenge and yourself. By watching a television program, you may actually find that your mind will be so preoccupied you move through the levels of your exercise machine without realizing it.

Of course, with any workout or exercise, it is recommended that you first consult with your doctor or physician to determine whether that exercise is right for your personal needs and fitness level.

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