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September 23, 2008 at 2:02 PMComments: 1 Faves: 0

Work Off That Stubborn Weight: What To Do When You "Hit a Wall"

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We've all been there at least once. We're picking away at the excess weight a pound at a time, until, wham! We hit the wall. No matter what we do, we can't seem to lose those last few pounds that will bring us to our goal. So what now? Where do we go once we've hit the wall?

Work Off That Stubborn Weight

The first thing we need to do here is reevaluate our weight loss goal and motivations. Focus on why you're working so hard to lose weight; what motivated you to do so in the first place? Next, remember how far you've come. Remember what you looked like before and how you felt. Compare that to your new self: are you stronger, more energetic, happier? How has this weight loss affected your life? Jot these ideas down if you need to, and refer to them whenever you feel stuck. Use this as motivation to keep plugging away.

Update Your Routine

Chances are you'se become comfortable in your routine. If you'se been taking a 30 minute jog each morning, try upping it to 45 minutes, or jog for 5 minutes and include one minute intervals of sprinting. Whatever your typical routine, increase the intensity so you don't become stagnant. Try a new class at the gym if you're bored working out solo. Grab a friend, your spouse or the kids and get moving: go ice skating, sledding, play laser tag or just tag in the back yard. Wherever you can, include more physical activity in your life.

Change Your Diet

As you lose weight, you need fewer calories to keep your body going. You may be stuck because you haven't updated your diet in a while. Go back to the basics and refigure your daily calorie totals, you may simply need to trim a few more calories. If you think you'se been slacking on portioning, pull out your measuring cups and monitor portions more closely. Compare this diet to your previous one; see how far you'se come. Be sure to be adventurous with food options so you don't get bored. Try to make at least one new meal each week to keep food exciting.

Strength Training

Consider the amount of strength training you do on a regular basis; you may want to switch one cardiovascular workout for a strength training routine. Strength training can boost your metabolism and keep it going longer than cardio exercise does, and it increases the amount of lean muscle mass on your body. Join a weight lifting class or find a circuit routine that suits you, and swap out some cardio for some weights. This may be the boost you need.

Examine Your Goal

The last thing to consider here is your initial weight loss goal. Is it realistic? Do you really need to lose those last 5 or 10 pounds? It is possible you were just a little too ambitious in your initial goal. Maybe your body will never been a size 8, but why does it need to? By re-examining your initial goal you can figure out your reasons to lose weight in the first place. Will those last few pounds really make a difference?


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  • Strength training is good - I also like just plain old calisthenics. Does anyone do this anymore?

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