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What's the Deal with Kickboxing?

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In boxing, two competitors face each other in an attempt to deliver punches that will literally incapacitate their opponent for a ten count. In a variation of a similar concept, kickboxing allows the participants to use their feet as well as their hands during the match. Originating in Asia, the modern competitive forms of kickboxing began in the 1970s by American martial arts experts. It is a fun and unique sport and exercise that is done with or without other people. You can even practice the styles of kickboxing on your own with little to no equipment!

The Kickboxing Workout

Besides the idea of watching or performing kickboxing as a sport, many people enjoy it as a great workout. The non-stop movements are essential to quality cardio exercise. As with aerobics, cardio strengthens the heart and improves the lungs. It is based on the intensity of constant motion for certain lengths of time.

Currently, the recommended amount of cardio is 30-45 minutes per day for four to five days each week. Kickboxing fulfills the requirements of cardio workouts by engaging a number of muscle groups simultaneously. Legs, arms, and the core all work together to assist in the offense and defense of a kick boxer. When this type of total body workout is performed, a person's metabolism is boosted, and the fat burning process becomes more efficient.

In addition to being a good source of cardio, kickboxing restores flexibility to joints and muscles. Some of the stances, positions, and martial arts styles resemble extended stretches that rely on balance and coordination. These skills are developed and utilized in an athletic way that is also beneficial for energy and longevity.

Kickboxing and Stress

Whether it is a busy lifestyle, anxiety at work, or personal issues, stress is a leading cause for a variety of medical conditions. If stress is encountered on a continual basis, damaging effects are possible. Kickboxing is a great way to relieve stress. The kicking motions can be an outlet where a person releases the negative emotions in a positive, healthy exercise.

Remember to always focus on exactly which movements you are doing in order to avoid incorrect techniques. Learning to use your emotions to fuel the exercise, not overtake it, is an important part of kickboxing. Never participate in kickboxing or any other sport or workout at time when you are unable to control emotions such as anger or depression. Exercise can reduce them, but it must be done in a healthy way that does not risk your safety or the safety of others.

The martial arts have been a self-defense practice since ancient times. Meditation is an aspect of specific styles of the martial arts. For this reason, kickboxing can relax and sharpen a person's mind and body to a point where a strong balance between both is achieved. When that happens, the harmful extent of stress and anxiety cannot exist. Remember to check with your doctor before starting any new activity or exercise program. Wear the protective gear that is required in kickboxing to ensure your protection.


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