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September 16, 2008 at 4:57 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

What Are The Benefits Of Aquatic Exercise?

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Any type of exercise is beneficial to the mind, body, and heart, but aquatic exercise does all of that and then some, by giving people variety. Aquatic exercise typically involves a series of different exercises that are performed in a pool with varied amounts of depth (depending on the person exercising.)

It is perfect for people of all different ages and those who have health conditions which might make more typical exercise difficult. People who have problems with arthritis, those who are in a wheelchair, use a walker, or those just looking for a different way to exercise, may all use aquatic exercise. There are really no restrictions to it! Aquatic exercise is a great way to mix up a regular exercise routine.

For Beginners

People who are overweight can utilize aquatic exercise because it can be a stepping stone for beginning a complete workout plan. Different types of aquatic exercise range in their amount of impact. It may be best for someone who is overweight and is just beginning to exercise, to begin with a low-impact course. It gets the body used to exercising but also can be relaxing too.


People who have arthritis, injuries due to a sporting event or even pregnant women have all found aquatic exercise to be relaxing and worthwhile. It has a relaxing, comforting and massaging feeling on the body. People with arthritis enjoy aquatic exercise because it soothes the pain of the stiffness that is commonly associated with arthritis. It is a great way for people to still have range of motion of their joints and muscles.

Those who have a sports related injury use aquatic exercise to subtly begin using the part of their body that was injured. It helps to get back the range of motion for that body part as well.

Pregnant women enjoy aquatic exercise because it helps to take some of the stress of their baby off of the body. It would be ideal for those experiencing back pain and even swelling.

For people who use wheelchairs and/or walker for mobility, it is a great way for those people to build strength in their arms and legs by using flotation devices. It eases those people into getting natural movement back.

Great for Training

Aquatic exercise is a great way for athletes to cross-train and prepare for a sporting event. It provides great resistance and one can change the intensity of the workout by adding different equipment such as weights and different depths of water exercised in.

Used as Warm-Up or Cool-Down methods.

Aquatic exercise is a good method for warming up and cooling down for a workout. This can be done numerous different ways. Swimming laps before or after a workout is a great way to get the muscles prepared or for the muscles to relax after a workout. It depends on how the person exercises in the water as to if it is better for warming up or cooling down. It can literally be a good way to cool down after a long rigorous workout as well. Water is a natural form of cooling the body down when submerged in it.

There are many benefits to aquatic exercise and can vary from each person. It is great for building up the strength for other types of workouts, it helps mix things up with other types of workouts that can become boring, it can provide rehabilitation to those in need and it is great for starting or ending a different workout. Using water can benefit all of the muscles in the body and is a great trend to consider.


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