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December 20, 2008 at 1:28 PMComments: 1 Faves: 0

The Essentials In Women's Health And Fitness

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We've been told over and over (and over!) that exercise is one of the most important ways of maintaining overall health and preventing illness. Still, it's difficult for many of us to take the time to exercise Often, it's simply lack of motivation; once we get to the gym we have no problem exercising. If you're going through menopause however, exercise may be even more important than ever.

Why Exercise?

Especially as we age, exercise becomes more and more important. Exercise can keep you flexible, active and healthy all the while working to prevent major illnesses. It's been shown that exercise decreases your likelihood of developing colon cancer, diabetes, heart disease and breast cancer. Exercise elevates your mood and eases symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is good for your muscles and joints and helps to maintain bone density. If that's not enough, exercise also boosts overall energy levels and helps you sleep more.

Exercise For Menopausal Women

Exercise becomes even more important the older we get. New studies have shown that exercise, while it doesn't alleviate menopausal symptoms, can ease women's perceptions of their symptoms. So while most women who exercise regularly still experience hot flashes, the flashes don't seem to bother the women as much. It appears that exercise improved their outlook on their menopausal condition.

Recommended Exercises

Experts recommend regular exercise for everyone. However, the older we get the more important it is to maintain flexibility and balance. Minimizing risk of injury is also important, as it takes longer for us to heal as we get older. Experts suggest mild to moderate levels of cardiovascular exercise three times a week. You should be able to carry on a conversation while exercising. Mix in a few days of strength training to maintain muscle mass and keep your bones healthy. Then add a few classes in a flexibility and balance-enhancing routine such as yoga, Pilates or tai chi. A good combination of these three types of exercise (cardio, strength and flexibility) provides a base for

Make It Fun

The most important aspect of being active is to have fun. If you consider exercise a chore, it will be. If you want it to be fun, it will be. Think of activities you've always enjoyed. Maybe you've always had a passion for Latin ballroom dancing, or for karate. Think of those activities you've always wanted to do, and haven't. Grab a friend and go for a jog or mall walking. Take long walks exploring new areas of town. Grab the kids and go sledding or build a snowman. Exercise will be what you make it. Whatever you choose, make it fun. If your goal is to be active, you'll never get bored and will always see new things.

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