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Study: Couple Music and Exercise for Neurological Benefit — an article on the Smart Living Network
November 8, 2010 at 1:00 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Study: Couple Music and Exercise for Neurological Benefit


Though music certainly offers entertainment, science is once again proving just how much more it does for us.

A recent study was conducted to measure the effects of music on mental performance when combined with exercise. According to the tests, the participants - 33 men and women in the ending weeks of a cardiac rehabilitation program - performed more than twice as well on a verbal fluency test after exercising while listening to music.

In another test, participants were given a letter of the alphabet and instructed to think of as many different words as they could in one minute, without repeating any words or using variations of the same word. Participants took the test before exercising and after exercising. When the exercise included a music accompaniment, the performance of the test was doubled.

On the other hand, when the participants were tested after exercising with no music, or after music with no exercise, no verbal improvement was indicated.

How to Make Music Work For You

While patients were in recovery, the benefits of music while exercising is not reserved for those with an illness. It's effect on the brain's frontal lobe means music can help anyone!

Exercise provides the brains with a rush of focus promoting oxygen while  interpreting the tones, sequences, and timing of music, turns on activity frontal lobe, which means it's warmed up for mental functions dealing abstract thoughts, predictions, and creativity.

Does it matter which sort of music you listen to? 

A theory is that the complexity of a classical piece's arrangement might encourage the brain to organize neural transmissions, boosting mental performance in the process. However, while classical music was selected for the study, researchers think other types of music will work too.In general, upbeat, positive sounds tend to stimulate upbeat, positive results!

More Benefits of Music

Beyond these surprising findings, there are probably some benefits of listening to music you've already noticed. For example, if the right soundtrack is played, it can motivate you to perform at your peak level. As a result, you're in a better position to achieve your fitness goals.

Research has also been done to illustrate the healing effects of music and exercise and the responsiveness of the mind. Therefore, it only makes sense that both music and exercise together would maximize the healthy results of physical fitness and thinking!

Big test? Important interview? Hot date? What are you waiting for?! Crank up the tunes and get moving!


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