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I hate to Exercise!

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I hate to exercise... there... I admitted it!  I spent my entire adult life getting along pretty well without having to think about exercising.  I stayed active, ate well, and pretty much coasted along.  Then I turned 50 and noticed that as I was slowing down my activities my body was changing also.  I noticed that the aches and pains were a little greater.  I couldn't keep up with the pace that I could when I was 30.  You might say Dahhhhhh, but I never thought I'd have to worry about it.  From a health standpoint I'm in good shape, in fact my Doctor jokes that if my exterior looked as good as my interior, I'd be a "Stud" at age 66.  Reality is that although my blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, heart, etc, are all excellent, I’m putting on pounds I don’t need and my abs are not a six pack (never were to be honest). 

Does anyone else out there share my situation?  If so I’d like to hear from you.   For me, I’ve decided that swimming (along with putting less food in my mouth) is the path of least resistance.  I swam in high school and for some reason got out of the habit when I got married and we started raising a family.  I guess there wasn’t time for dad with raising two boys that kept us on the go. 

Swimming is a great activity.  According to U.S. Masters Swimming, “Swimming is one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise, and it is an excellent activity for anyone who wishes to get fit and stay fit.”   At my age I can not take the high impact and joint stress of running or jogging.  Since swimming is a low impact form of exercise it serves me well.  I don’t know the statistics regarding swimming and loosing weight but I do know that swimming has helped me reduce my tummy and tone my muscles.  I try to swim 3 days per week at 6:30 am.  It is a great way to start the day.

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