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Shave Off Years with Good Diet and Exercise!

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Young is a state of mind.

No matter what your age, a healthy diet and daily exercise are vital to your well being. Eating right and exercising allows you to work at optimum capacity, both physically and mentally. In addition to feeling confident and capable, you can also help prevent serious diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore, the average life expectancy is increasing; we're growing older and living longer. It's important, therefore, to establish good habits now. What's surprising is how rewarding it can be!

Exercise can actually be fun.

Exercising releases endorphins, chemicals in the brain which can elevate our mood and decrease anxiety and depression. It also gets our blood circulating, which feeds our brain and tissues, in turn making us look vibrant, and feeling motivated to continue exercising. But who says exercise has to be limited to running shoes and a treadmill?

There are many ways we can actually enjoy getting a good workout:

  • Aquatic exercise is a great, low impact way to tone your body, burns calories, improve cardiovascular health, and has even been known to alleviate pain and depression.
  • Friends and exercising partners can help make any workout that much more rewarding. They help maintain or improve your pace, motivate you to exercise regularly, and keep you company.
  • Joining a group and doing step or cardio classes can also be a great motivator, as it includes social interaction, and often an outing or trip which can serve as a break in routine.
  • Doing activities we love, or trying something new that interests us, is key to exercising regularly. Playing with our kids outside, taking dancing lessons, or setting a performance goal hold our interest and keep us on track. Exercise also happens in small ways, such as simply walking to perform an errand instead of driving.

A healthy diet has hidden benefits!

Eating right contributes to increased energy and clarity, but it also has long-term effects not often considered. A healthier diet leads to fewer trips to the hospital, for example, where people can be made to feel old before their time, and possibly depressed that they can't spend the time engaging with friends and family. Surrounding oneself around others who eat right and are active can also promote youthfulness and positive feelings.

Be creative with your diet:

  • Variety keeps meal planning interesting. Share healthy recipes with your friends, church or parenting group, or even online. There are tons of groups and forums out there, but if you can't find one you like, start your own!
  • Buy a used cookbook at your favorite bookstore or flea market that you never thought you'd try. Experiment with different ingredients and spices, and give your family a taste test. Challenge your family or friends to a healthy cook-off.
  • Try a different restaurant, maybe one outside of your neighborhood, that offers low-fat options or local, organic produce. Be adventurous!

You CAN feel younger through diet and exercise!

It takes a willing mind, and some interaction and creativity, but it is possible to feel younger through diet and exercise, and start reaping the rewards now.


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