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Badminton: Leisure Activity of the Gods

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Did you every buy one of those volleyball kits for a get together? You know, the one that came with a volleyball net, volleyball, some rackets for an unknown reason, and some other thingamabobs? Volleyball is fine and dandy for the afternoon, but then the net is taken down and discarded in a dark corner of the garage for years to come. Well, it just so happens that another fantastic activity came with that set... Badminton!

Badminton: Leisure Activity of the Gods

Before you toss your nose up, let me just spill out a few reasons why you should give the sport a chance as your new summer social activity:

Are you getting excited for some badminton-filled afternoons? I know I am.

Gameplay: Keeping It Casual


If you really want to play by the rules, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. But I wouldn’t weigh down your heavy heart with all the rules and regulations in the backyard. If you’re just looking to keep things casual and have a good time, I suggest you play it something like this:

Done. Now, you can other “house rules” if you like. Try these for example:

There you have it: The possibilities are endless. Just don’t hurt yourself; play within your ability. Also a word to the wise, mind your surroundings with that racket, and don’t swing too hard - it’s easier than you think to lose a shuttlecock over your neighbor’s fence. That said, it’s reassuring to know that a six-pack of spares can be had for $12.

As with anything, you’ll get better the more you practice, so get out there! But there’s no hurry. Take your time, you’ve got all summer to bat around those birdies.

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