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June 20, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 5 Faves: 0

Badminton: Leisure Activity of the Gods

By Jeff from SLN More Blogs by This Author

Did you every buy one of those volleyball kits for a get together? You know, the one that came with a volleyball net, volleyball, some rackets for an unknown reason, and some other thingamabobs? Volleyball is fine and dandy for the afternoon, but then the net is taken down and discarded in a dark corner of the garage for years to come. Well, it just so happens that another fantastic activity came with that set... Badminton!

Badminton: Leisure Activity of the Gods

Before you toss your nose up, let me just spill out a few reasons why you should give the sport a chance as your new summer social activity:

  • It's only as intense as you make it. You just want to relax? Fine. You can send a shuttlecock over the net or even keep a volley going with minimal effort. If you’re not looking to break a sweat right now, this might be for you.
  • Only requires one hand. Don’t waste that spare hand, put it to use and hold a chilled beverage.
  • Optional teamwork. Want a good “get to know you” kind of activity? Hitting a shuttlecock with a racket emits nothing more than a whisper, making it easy to hold a conversation or to communicate to your partner in a game of doubles.
  • Low cost. Some people may already have a net on hand. If you don’t, expect to pay something in the $30 range at any department store. Make sure it has all the badminton goods you’re looking for.

Are you getting excited for some badminton-filled afternoons? I know I am.

Gameplay: Keeping It Casual


If you really want to play by the rules, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. But I wouldn’t weigh down your heavy heart with all the rules and regulations in the backyard. If you’re just looking to keep things casual and have a good time, I suggest you play it something like this:

  • Have a net in the middle to hit the shuttle over and rackets to hit the shuttle with.
  • Set boundaries for play (put down lines if you want to avoid debate).
  • Whenever the shuttle hits the ground, the other team gets a point.

Done. Now, you can other “house rules” if you like. Try these for example:

  • Two shuttles at once.
  • Play some tunes to play to.
  • Do the Macarena while you play.
  • Make a friendly wager. (Ex: Loser washes the dishes.)
  • Must win by 2 points.
  • Play entire game on one foot.

There you have it: The possibilities are endless. Just don’t hurt yourself; play within your ability. Also a word to the wise, mind your surroundings with that racket, and don’t swing too hard - it’s easier than you think to lose a shuttlecock over your neighbor’s fence. That said, it’s reassuring to know that a six-pack of spares can be had for $12.

As with anything, you’ll get better the more you practice, so get out there! But there’s no hurry. Take your time, you’ve got all summer to bat around those birdies.

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  • Badminton. Second only to Curling.

  • Best way to play is to drink your beer after every hit. If you're good you drink it through the netting on the racket.

  • so I was having a weekend away with the girls (my sisters and mom) so I thought I better bring something fun to do outside. So I remembered we had a croquet set in the garage so I thought I will bring that with me for fun and competition with the sisters. Well, when I got home I couldn't find the croquet set but I found this bag with some goodies in it. It contained a couple of yard games - 1. horse shoes 2. a badminton set. So we set them up and played both games it was really fun trying to hit the birdie across the net (when I was a kid we called it a birdie, I notice you called it a shuttle). We really did have fun even in the hot weather. Okay so we had a great relief from the heat - we could go jump in the lake once we got hot.

  • I'm glad to hear it! Time spent batting around a birdie is always a good time.

  • Thanks to Badminton, I lower my cholesterol from 337 to 239.

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