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July 2, 2008 at 4:33 AMComments: 1 Faves: 0

Aquatic Exercise: Take The Plunge

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Splash around, swim and have fun -  with aquatic exercise you can have a blast while enjoying the health benefits that accompany it. There's lap swimming, water walking, jogging, even water aerobics - a water workout for everyone.

Many people find this type of exercise beneficial because it can relieve stress and pain associated with some people's jobs, relationships, and life in general, or it can provide therapeutic relief for those with chronic pain. Others may include aquatic exercise into their regular exercise routine, either as a warm-up or cool-down. Some use it to begin an exercise routine if they have not exercised in a long period of time, and others use it to lose weight primarily.

Different Types of Aquatic Exercise to Consider

There are many different types of aquatic exercise that people can learn. These are a few popular types:

  • Water Pilates: Similar to pilates that can be done on your living room floor, water pilates focuses on strength and flexibility within the water. This also includes handling your own weight, strengthening abdominal muscles and practicing controlled breathing methods.
  • Water Yoga: This form of yoga is practiced in waist or chest-high water and helps develop strength and balance at the same time. Water yoga typically improves both coordination teaches proper breathing techniques.
  • Lap Swimming: This form of aquatic exercise can be helpful because it is adjustable for people of all types. People can decide their workout routine for this type of exercise, with different strokes, turning techniques and speed. This works all parts of the body and helps increase breathing and endurance.

Aquatic Weight Loss

Aquatic exercise can help people lose weight and maintain it. Since there are so many forms of aquatic exercise and so many different ways to challenge yourself, you will find that it is hard to get bored with aquatic exercise. Even with performing the same type of an exercise, people can change their intensity level and add different equipment to the workout.

Ways to Mix It Up

Aquatic exercise does not require equipment, although it can be added to maximize the total workout. By adding hand webs and a water noodle to water walking and deep water walking, it increases resistance and can help burn more calories. Wearing water shoes will also help to increase traction. Hand webs can also help to strengthen biceps and triceps in a weight-lifting type of manor, without weights. Water noodles can also be used for leg strengthening and stability. Foam water weights are also a great piece of equipment to try; they act as a regular dumbbell would to strengthen arm muscles. The last type of apparatus to add is a foam kickboard that provides balance and resistance.

Get Involved in Aquatic Exercise!

Aquatic exercise courses can be available at a workout facility or at a community pool. It can be a great form of exercise for the whole family. There are no age restrictions, so it is a good idea to get people young and old involved. Swimming ability is also not a requirement and people who depend on wheelchairs or walkers to get around are also able to participate in aquatic exercise. Courses offering this form of exercise are a great way to meet new people or get your friends involved in a healthy habit. So take the plunge!


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  • Haven't done much with water exercise yet. Usually use treadmill, barbells, dumbells, etc. Swimming and water exercise sounds like fun! ...and refreshing! Thanks!!

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