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Aquatic Exercise and Pregnancy

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Aquatic exercise is a low-impact form of exercise performed in different levels of water. People are not required to know how to swim to practice aquatic exercise. It is great for all different people, of all different ages, and those with disabilities.

Why Aquatic Exercise is Beneficial for Pregnant Women

It is important for both the health of the mother and the baby, that the mother gets a healthy amount of exercise. One study found that when pregnant women who practiced aquatic exercise felt that their stress level was reduced and it benefited both the mother and baby. Many doctors recommend that women include daily exercise in their lives, whether or not they are expecting. It is important for the overall health for a female�s body. It is best to find an exercise program that includes flexibility, cardiovascular activity and exercises that focus on strength. Aquatic exercise can include each of these criteria, along with the relaxation and weightless feeling of water.

How Aquatic Exercise is Helpful to Pregnant Women

Regular exercising can cause the body temperature to rapidly increase. Aquatic exercise is helpful to pregnant women because they are not supposed to get their body temperature up too high while exercising. Since aquatic exercise is done in the water, it keeps the body temperature down, as long as the water is a neutral, warm/cold temperature. Exercise may help reduce the amount of swelling, back pain and pressure a woman may feel regularly during pregnancy. Different types of aquatic exercise can give a pregnant woman the feeling of weightlessness and the exercises do not have to be strenuous or intense. Just walking while in the water is a great form of aquatic exercise and also benefits the mother.

Low-Impact Aquatic Exercises for Mothers

Some low-impact aquatic exercises that can be safe for expecting mothers are water walking, shallow water aerobics and regular swimming. Water walking is done in waist-high water swinging the arms as normal. Shallow water aerobics incorporates dance and exercise moves, much like aerobics in a classroom, but with water. Swimming in a pool does not require a class or instructor and can be done at the discretion of the swimmer. Intensity levels for each type of low-impact aquatic exercise can be adjusted to the needs of the woman.

Other Benefits

Aquatic exercises courses are great to get involved in because some facilities may offer special classes for those who are expecting where pregnant women can meet other and feel completely comfortable. The instructor may specialize in exercises particularly beneficial to pregnant women and know what to watch for if a woman is overexerting herself. It is helpful to be in a course where there are other expectant mothers to relieve stress and get advice about working out while pregnant. It will give women motivation to continue working out, the more the course relates to them and to know they are benefiting their babies and themselves. Aquatic exercise is great for everyone, especially pregnant women. It serves as a great stress and pain reliever and can be enjoyable. Many women who participate in aquatic exercise may continue to do so after giving birth and may be motivated to get their children and other family members involved when possible. It is a great way to exercise without it feeling like exercise. Sources:

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