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Study: Buckwheat Honey Beats Cough Medicine For Effectiveness!

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Though honey has been used medicinally since ancient times, researchers have just recently began to look at its effect on our health.

One particular study compared the effectiveness of pure buckwheat honey against a dose of over-the-counter cough suppressant with dextromethorphan or a placebo treatment. Testing children at an average of 5 years old, parents were sent home with one of three treatments and asked to rate their children's symptoms before they took the treatment at night and after they had taken the treatment when they woke up in the morning. The results? Buckwheat honey ranked highest!

Though doctors and researchers cannot give a definite explanation of how honey works yet, they believe it is due to the following naturally occurring properties it possesses:

  • Demulcent - Honey helps create a soothing coat over the throat.
  • Antioxidant - Honey helps protect cells and repair damage that has already occurred. Buckwheat honey in particular contains a wealth of antioxidants.
  • Antimicrobial - Honey helps kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms like bacteria.
  • Immune Enhancing - Honey promotes a boost in beneficial cytokine cells which enhance immune response in the body.

Without drugs, synthetics, additives or any sort of human interference, buckwheat honey provides a wide range of natural medicinal properties!

Buckwheat Honey is Gluten Free

Buckwheat honey is honey that is made exclusively from the pollen and nectar of buckwheat - a misleading name for a plant which is not actually wheat and contains no gluten! Rather, the "wheat" part of its name refers to its similar purpose. The seeds are used as an alternative to wheat flours.

What Does Buckwheat Honey Taste Like?

Honey connoisseurs are entranced with the unique look, smell and flavor of buckwheat honey. A very deep coppery brown tone, a pleasant earthy scent like fresh hay, and a rich, malty, almost chocolate flavor are hallmarks of high quality buckwheat honey.

Dark Honey Vs. Light Honey

Nutrient analysis has shown that when it comes to honey, the darker it is, the more healthful it is too - and buckwheat honey is the darkest honey you can get!

Compared with the average light honey, the average dark honey packs about:

  • 3 times the Iron
  • 8 times the Potassium
  • 13 times the Manganese

Buckwheat Honey's Antioxidant Power

As if good looks, rich taste and impressive nutrient content weren't enough to boast, buckwheat honey is rich in antioxidants as well. Not only does buckwheat honey offer almost 6 times the antioxidant power the palest honey has, buckwheat honey has actually been shown to help them work in our bodies!

In a study comparing participants that drank plain water, black tea or water with buckwheat honey - only those that drank the water with buckwheat honey had a serum antioxidant capacity that was significantly higher - a 7% boost! Water and tea did nothing.


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Buckwheat Honey Increases Serum Antioxidant Capacity in Humans

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  • WOW. I had no idea just how good for you buckwheat honey was! I wonder what the exact differences between clover and buckwheat honey are though...

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