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Circulatory Blogs

[Dietitian's Dish] 7 Ingredients That Will Help You Live Longer!

I think we're all pretty familiar with the foods we should NOT eat, but what about the foods you SHOULD be eating? Here are 7… Read More ▶

Are Calcium Supplements Harmful?

For years now, doctors have been recommending adequate dietary calcium, but, recently, research has revealed potential harms from calcium supplementation. Read More ▶

National Wear Red Day

Have you already noticed the pink, purple, and red hearts decorating stores and schools? Well, not only is this a time to celebrate our symbolic… Read More ▶

5 Foods for a Healthy Heart

A balanced diet can help us to lower our blood cholesterol, blood sugar, and even blood pressure all while helping us to achieve a healthy… Read More ▶

5 Steps to Lowering Heart Attack Risk

According to the Mayo Clinic, heart disease can be prevented by following a heart-healthy lifestyle. The following five steps can help lower your risk of… Read More ▶

Blood Clots and Exercise

Exercise is an effective means of preventing blood clots and a good way to recover from them. Read More ▶

Taking Vitamin C May Prevent Cardiovascular Disease In Women

Cardiovascular disease is a culmination of heart diseases that affect 60 million Americans 1 . Cardiovascular disease includes the most common kind of heart disease… Read More ▶

4 Selenium Benefits That May Surprise You

Selenium is much more common a nutrient than it may seem, usually being found in meats, nuts, and some dairy products. Read More ▶

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